Wedge VideosThe following videos are for demonstration purposes for patients whom Dr. Heath has already done an evaluation, established need for use, and are CURRENTLY UNDER CARE. These videos are intended to refresh the patients’ memory and help answer any questions regarding the use of the wedge. If you experience an increase or change in symptoms or have any other concerns, discontinue use immediately and contact Dr. Heath at (616) 538-1780 or talk with him during your next appointment.

The object of a cervical or lumbar wedge is to assist the chiropractic adjustments in an effort to re-establish proper natural curvature and biomechanics to either the cervical (neck) or lumbar (low back) spine. The results of this will vary depending on how long the subluxations have been present, the extent of the decreased/or reversed curve, how much degeneration (Disc Degeneration and bone remodeling) is present and how consistent the patient is using the wedge.

The wedge works in conjunction with the chiropractic adjustment and should not be used alone. It is not a “magic wedge”…. By itself, the wedge will only cause pain because it will just push against the vertebral subluxation, attempting to stretch tissues that are not movable. It requires both the adjustment and the wedge to get the desired results.

Consistency is the key to this whole process. This has to be done EVERY night. If you were to have braces on your teeth, how well would they work if you took them off every weekend?


Do not try to replicate the wedge or share the wedge with other individuals not currently under direct chiropractic supervision.