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Scoliosis Testimonial Written by a Mother

My daughter was diagnosed with scoliosis by an orthopedist. After her 5 year check-up by our pediatrician, she was sent to get x-rays. We left the ortho’s office with a prescription for a brace for her to wear for the next 8+ years for 12+ hours a day. We were told the brace would not correct the scoliosis but would hopefully slow it enough that she would not need surgery. We were not happy with this diagnosis so we decided to bring her to see Dr. Heath since I was already a patient of his. We notified the ortho that we were holding off on getting the brace and made a follow up appointment in 4 months to get new x-rays. To the orthos’s shock and amazement her curves had decreased and he downgraded her diagnosis to spinal asymmetry. We were elated! Thanks to Dr. Heath we have negated the need for a brace and hopefully further treatment from the ortho!
– Kerri

I go to see Dr.J. 3 times, maybe 4 times a week, and he is awesome. Dr. J is very good in his practice. I remember when I first started there – I was in deep pain, and now I’m feeling a little better. The girls in the office are very very special. Crystal, Edialia and Neda are amazing and they keep the office running smoothly. Big ups to Dr. James Heath and the workers at Chiropractic First. Love you guys!!!!