Children Chiropractic CareWhen you think of someone receiving chiropractic adjustments, the image that comes to mind is probably that of an adult patient. But the fact is that chiropractic care is extremely helpful for all ages, including children. Your little ones will encounter plenty of musculoskeletal wear and tear as they grow, play, learn and explore — and the spinal alignment issues that can and do result from all this activity have the potential to interfere with their normal development. That’s why our Wyoming chiropractor at Chiropractic First, Dr. James Heath, is happy to provide chiropractic adjustments, spinal screenings and other forms of musculoskeletal wellness care for even the youngest members of your family.

When Should You Bring in Your Child for Chiropractic Wellness?

When we say “youngest,” we really mean it. Subluxation can occur in the body from birth, with passage through the birth canal subjecting the newborn’s neck, back and shoulders to considerable stress. Careful, gentle adjustments can correct these physical imbalances so your infant can experience every opportunity for normal growth and development right from the beginning.

As kids go from crawling to walking to running, they also do their fair share of falling down, bumping into objects and generally knocking their growing bodies around. These bumps and jolts can cause the spine to go out of alignment — and this can prove an especially big problem during this formative stage. That’s because a spinal misalignment can contribute to muscular strain in the legs, back and neck while promoting unhealthy postural abnormalities.

Another serious threat is that of a spinal misalignment that leads to nerve impingement, which interferes with normal nerve signaling. Nerve dysfunction can affect every organ and system in the body, including the brain, making your child more prone to childhood health problems ranging from colic and asthma to ADHD. Our chiropractor can check your child’s spine periodically to make sure all is well and make timely corrections as needed to help preserve his health. If your child already has a childhood health condition, chiropractic adjustments could provide the necessary relief, reducing or eliminating the need for prescription medications (along with their associated risks and side effects).

Our Pediatric Chiropractor for Grand Rapids, Kentwood, and Wyoming

The school years pose new health and wellness challenges to the youthful spine. Sports call for a straight posture, sharp reflexes and a good sense of balance. Kids also must negotiate several pounds of school supplies in their backpacks every day — and this extra weight can threaten spinal alignment, strain the back, legs and shoulders, and possibly even pinch nerves. We can provide “back to school” wellness screenings to make sure your kids are in good shape. Our chiropractor can also dispense advice on healthy backpack habits and other helpful tips for maintaining musculoskeletal health.

If you want a healthier life for your Grand Rapids, Kentwood, or Wyoming kids, call 616-538-1780 to schedule chiropractic evaluations for them. You’re never too young to be well!