Grand Rapids Chiropractor, Chiropractic First Always Welcomes New Patients

New chiropractic PatientsLots of people hear the word “chiropractor” and think immediately of the back and spine. And while it’s true a chiropractic adjustment can help with all sorts of back pain and other issues related to the spine and back, that’s just one part of what a chiropractor does. At Chiropractic First in Wyoming, MI, we serve the surrounding communities of Kentwood and Grand Rapids by using advanced chiropractic techniques to manage a broad array of both acute and chronic health issues to help patients of all ages enjoy better health and wellness.

How Can A Spine Adjustment Help Me Have Better Health?

The back and spine are complex structures, with bones, joints, muscles and many other tissues all working together to help us stand, walk, lift and perform many other tasks, ideally without pain or stiffness. In addition, the spine contains all the nerves that travel from the brain to every other part of your body, transmitting important signals that “tell” the organs and other tissues how to function. These nerves exit the spine at different points so they can travel to the arms, legs, organs and other areas of the body.

When the bones of the spine slip out of alignment due to injury or every day stress and strain, the nerves can become “pinched” and irritated, and the signals between the brain and the rest of the body become blocked or distorted. As a result, important body functions are disrupted, leading to pain and other symptoms and also contributing to many acute and chronic health issues. A skilled chiropractor can assess your spine to determine where nerve impingements and inflammation are occurring, performing carefully directed adjustments aimed at shifting the bones and joints back into their proper alignment so nerve signaling can occur normally.

What Services Does Wyoming Our Chiropractor Offer?

In addition to chiropractic adjustments, we offer a complete array of complementary treatment options including:

  • Corrective exercises to restore strength and flexibility to affected muscles and joints
  • Massage therapy to promote better circulation for faster healing after injury
  • Herniated disc treatments to help resolve inflammation and irritation while relieving pain, numbness and other symptoms
  • Sports chiropractic care designed specifically for the needs of the individual athlete
  • Corrective wedges for both in-office adjustments and at-home support of the spine and neck
  • Spinal and postural screenings to assess your back and determine the underlying cause of chronic pain and other symptoms

Will My Insurance Cover the Cost of My Treatment?

That depends on your plan. Ask your plan administrator or ask our office staff to inquire on your behalf. We also offer flexible payment options for those without insurance and for those whose insurance does not offer complete coverage for chiropractic care.

How Can I Tell if Chiropractic Care is a Good Choice for My Needs?

As a top chiropractor in Wyoming, MI, Chiropractic First offers care and treatment for many types of acute and chronic issues in patients from throughout the Kentwood and Grand Rapids regions, including back and neck pain. The best way to determine if chiropractic care is right for you is to schedule an appointment to discuss your needs and have an evaluation. Call Chiropractic First at (616) 538-1780 to schedule your consultation and evaluation appointment today. Once your appointment is made, click here to download your new patient forms so you can fill them out before your visit.