grand rapids Chiropractic CareAt Chiropractic First, we provide a range of holistic wellness services that help you banish pain naturally and increase your mobility, health, and happiness. Whether you are recovering from an auto accident injury or seeking help reaching a fitness goal, we aim to be your partner in health. Learn more about our full range of services.

Our Wyoming Chiropractic Care Services

We have a wide range of services we offer. We select complementary services that can best help our patients heal from their underlying health conditions and maximize their health potential. Our holistic services include:

  • Chiropractic care – As a Wyoming chiropractor, we offer chiropractic adjustments to correct musculoskeletal imbalances and nurture the nervous system. Chiropractic care can help you recover from a sports injury or auto accident, restore nervous and immune system health, and relieve muscle strains and pains naturally. If you are looking for a treatment method that does not rely on pain medication to help you heal, we invite you to try chiropractic care.
  • Corrective exercises – To complement your healing, we will introduce corrective exercises to restore strength and mobility to affected muscle tissue. We will demonstrate blueprint exercises you can do at home, which help you maintain correct alignment in between adjustments and build strength. Play an active role in your own healing when you follow our exercise plan.
  • Corrective wedges – We use cervical or lumbar wedges to re-establish proper alignment and biomechanics in the neck and lumbar spine areas. Our chiropractor can use the wedges during appointments to support adjustments and show you how to use corrective wedges at home, to further complement healing. When used nightly, corrective wedges can speed your healing and reduce pain and inflammation.
  • Massage therapy – Therapeutic massage complements inflammation and injuries with healing touch that increases circulation and drains toxins from muscle tissue. Let our massage therapist soothe your body and your mind, loosen adhesions in muscle and soft tissue, reduce inflammation, and warm up your body to receive chiropractic adjustments by relaxing tight muscle tissue.
  • Spinal and postural screenings – Too many people suffer from pain and inflammation and do not find the root cause, a musculoskeletal imbalance. Our chiropractor can perform spinal and postural screenings that check your alignment, find your injuries so we can heal them, and unlock the door to improved mental and physical wellbeing. Receive a spinal and postural screening and learn how we can help you by scheduling a new patient consultation.

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If you suffer from neck pain, back pain, headaches, sciatica, or other injuries in MI or Wyoming, we invite you to make an appointment with our chiropractor to learn more about how we can help you heal. We invite you to contact our office by calling 616-538-1780 or complete the online appointment form to make an appointment that meets your needs. We look forward to helping you heal!