grand rapids Work InjuriesInjuries in the workplace impact your health and well-being by interfering with your ability to engage in certain activities. When you are injured at work, you may consider a natural way to assist with the recovery process and ensure you heal correctly. Ultimately, pain relief starts with identifying the injuries and taking measures to correct the underlying health concerns.

Common Work Injuries in the Surrounding Areas of Wyoming, Grand Rapids, and Kentwood, MI

Work injuries in Wyoming, Grand Rapids, and Kentwood of Michigan ultimately depend on the work environment and the potential risks to your health. While the specific risks may vary, certain injuries often occur in the workplace and as a direct result of your work.

The most common injuries include:

  • Head injuries, like a concussion or broken bones in the face or skull
  • Back injuries, like a herniated disc or injuries to your spinal cord, low back sprain, low back strain
  • Neck injuries, such as whiplash or strain and sprain
  • Dislocated or broken bones, including injuries to the joints that may cause pain in specific areas
  • Soft-tissue injuries, like sprains, strains and torn muscles

The severity of your injuries depend on the situation and the accident. Some workplace injuries may cause severe pain and need long-term treatment to encourage recovery. Other injuries heal within a short time period with proper treatment and management. Dr. James Heath, our chiropractor at Chiropractic First, evaluates your injuries and then develops an effective treatment plan to improve the time and completeness of your recovery.

How Health and Medical Insurances Handle a Work Injury in Michigan

A work injury impacts your ability to continue working or to engage in your favorite activities. All employers are required to provide workers compensation coverage to help with the costs of an injury that occurs in the workplace. While the exact coverage may vary based on the policy and the risks, the way the coverage applies to your situation is usually similar.

Worker’s Compensation Law in Michigan states that the person who is injured must first contact their employer and report the injury. The employer has two options. They can send you to the company doctor of their choosing or send you to us and sign a consent to treat form, essentially making us the company doctor for this injury.

If your company has a company doctor and they elect to send you there, you still have the option to seek care at the doctor of your choice, but only after 28 days pass, from the day that they sent you to their own doctor. After the 28 days pass, you have the right to seek care where you see fit. We can walk you through this process.

Chiropractic Treatment Options at Chiropractic First in Wyoming

When you decide to consider chiropractic care as part of your treatment plan, our chiropractor evaluates your needs and develop a personalized treatment plan. The specific options we offer depend on your injuries and the suggestions of a chiropractor.

The treatments we offer include:

  • Chiropractic adjustments, which use traditional techniques to improve the alignment of your neck and spine
  • Thompson drop table adjustments, which uses a drop table to adjust the spine and neck
  • Activator adjustments, which uses an adjustment tool to use consistent pressure at specific points on your neck and spine
  • Diversified chiropractic care, which uses a combination of techniques to improve the alignment and function of your spine
  • Arthrostim or light force adjustments, which uses the adjustment device to put a specific amount of pressure on the area for accurate spinal manipulation
  • Decompression therapy, which reduces pressure on your nerves or addresses pressure on the spinal discs for pain relief
  • Massage therapy, which uses deep tissue massage to alleviate pain from the muscles or tension in the neck and back

Our techniques focus on chiropractic care, massage therapy and natural strategies to improve your health, reduce your pain and promote better healing of the injured tissue, plus reduce the negative long term effects of the injury. When you combine the adjustments with physical exercise, proper diet and appropriate rehabilitative strategies, you address the injuries to your body, not just mask the symptoms.

Treating a workplace injury starts with identifying the complications associated with the injury. At our clinic, our chiropractor uses natural and holistic strategies to help reduce pain and encourage healing for the communities of Wyoming, Grand Rapids, and Kentwood. To learn more about treating a work injury and to help walk you through this process, call 616-538-1780 for an appointment today.