Our Wyoming Chiropractor Provides Orthotic Support for Your Feet and Spine

Cervical/Lumbar OrthoticsHere at Chiropractic First, our chiropractor is all about restoring much-needed balance to your body and giving it the support it needs to recover from injuries or cope with chronic ailments. While chiropractic adjustment and other natural treatment methods can address a lot of these problems quite effectively, our chiropractor, Dr. James Heath, also makes use of a variety of other non-surgical techniques as needed to help you heal and enjoy a higher quality of life. One of the healing modalities we employ is the use of orthotics to add external support to the parts of your musculoskeletal system that could use a little extra help.

Orthotics is the science of using specialized support devices called orthosis. An orthosis is any device used to immobilize an articulated area that requires healing, or to help reinforce optimal alignment in a structural abnormality. Orthotic insoles for the feet are a common example; prescription foot orthotics can relieve the pain of plantar fasciitis while helping the body stand straighter and taller. But the spinal column can also benefit from cervical or lumbar orthotics, including devices such as:

  • Cervical collars – These cervical devices help support the weight of the head while vertebrae and soft tissues heal from whiplash or some other injury. They are easily removable in the event that you don’t have to wear your prescribed collar around the clock.
  • Head cervical collars – These devices completely restrict head movement, which may be essential when responding to a grave neck or spinal cord injury.
  • Cervicothoracic orthotics – These devices immobilize the head and neck with a chin plate connected to a chest plate.
  • Boston Brace – This brace is designed to compress the abdomen and control motion in the lumbar spine. It’s useful for back surgery or spinal fracture recovery as well as slowing the progress of some types of scoliosis.
  • Soft lumbar supports – These corset-like devices provide, gentle, lightweight, comfortable lumbar support whenever you feel you need it or as prescribed by our chiropractor.
  • Cybertech Extension Orthosis – This device braces the thoracic, lumbar and sacral parts of the spinal column. It may be prescribed for acute pain relief, osteoporosis, kyphosis (a curvature abnormality) or post-surgery recovery.
  • Maternity orthotics – Pregnant women often suffer back pain due to abdominal weight gain that shifts spinal balance forward. Various types of maternity bands, braces and other supports can add support to the spinal column and trunk without harming the fetus.

Cervical/Lumbar Orthotics for Wyoming, Grand Rapids, and Kentwood, MI Residents

For some of our Grand Rapids and Kentwood, Wyoming patients, cervical or lumbar orthotics may be just what the chiropractor ordered. If a spinal evaluation indicates that your spinal column and/or feet require a little extra help to cope with an acute or progressive condition, we can prescribe custom-fitted orthotics alongside chiropractic care to help you feel better and heal faster. Call 616-538-1780 to learn more and schedule a consultation!