Bulging Disc treatmentIf you suffer from constant or frequent bouts of lower back pain, or from sciatic pain and other symptoms in the lower extremities, you may be the unhappy owner of a bulging disc. When spinal discs escape from their normal position to press against sensitive nerve tissue, the resulting pain and other problems can devastate your quality of life in a hurry. But that doesn’t mean you need to take painkillers for the rest of your life or submit to risky spinal surgery.

Our chiropractor here at Chiropractic First, Dr. James Heath, offers conservative natural treatment methods that can help that errant disc find its way back where it belongs.

Many people are confused by the overlapping use of terms such as “slipped disc,” herniated disc” and “bulging disc.” Any disc that extends beyond its normal territory within the spinal canal is said to be “slipped.” But in a herniated disc, a tear in the outer casing allows the inner material to poke out; the disc itself doesn’t shift position. A bulging disc actually extends outward — in in many cases it can pinch the nearby spinal cord or its major nerve roots. This disturbs the normal flow of sensory and motor data between the spinal cord and the affected nerves, causing such symptoms as:

  • Sciatic pain (sharp pain that shoots through the buttocks or legs)
  • Lower back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Chest or stomach pain
  • Tingling, numbness or weakness in the arms or legs
  • Incontinence

Discs often bulge and flatten out with age as they lose water content, but a work-related strain, sports injury, auto accident or heavy tobacco/alcohol use may also be contributing factors.

Natural Relief for Disc Pain in Wyoming

Bring your disc pain to Chiropractic First for natural, non-invasive care that can relieve symptoms and restore full nerve function. Dr. James Heath will conduct a careful examination of your spine using x-rays and other advanced diagnostic techniques while studying your symptoms and your medical history. Chiropractic adjustment techniques can then be targeted to the specific area of nerve impingement, especially if a spinal misalignment has encouraged a disc to bulge out of position.

Spinal decompression is another highly effective tool against disc pain. Unlike surgical decompression, our non-surgical spinal decompression method is completely safe and non-invasive. By applying small, efficient, targeted amounts of distraction force to the spine, negative or “vacuum” pressure is created within the spinal canal. This vacuum pressure pulls the bulging disc back into position so it’s no longer pressing against nerves. This technique also draws water back into the disc to help restore its height and cushioning ability. We may also recommend lifestyle changes and/or corrective exercises to help you avoid future problems.

Don’t lose your own personal “Battle of the Bulge.” Call Chiropractic First at 616-538-1780 to schedule an appointment with Dr. James Heath. We can help you free yourself from your bulging disc pain!