Personal InjuriesSuffering from a slip or fall can lead to bruises and scrapes. In some cases, the injuries are much more devastating. Even a simple fall can cause an individual to struggle with changes to the alignment of their spinal column. Over time, this can become chronic pain. For those who are struggling with personal injuries, the team at Chiropractic First can help. Schedule a consultation with your Wyoming chiropractor, Dr. Heath, for a full examination.

What Are Personal Injuries?

Personal injuries are any type of incident in which you suffer an injury to your body. Sometimes, these are the result of another person’s negligence. This includes slips and falls at commercial locations, injuries occurring at another person’s home, or workplace injuries. Additionally, they occur when a person is involved in a car accident. No matter the cause, if you are suffering from any type of personal injury, come in for a consultation.

How a Fall Causes Significant Pain

Perhaps you tripped and fell. Now, you are struggling with constant pain. You may be treating it with pain medications, but you can’t walk as well. It may seem like an injury like this is simply no big deal. However, the problem lies in what happens when you fall, are hit, or otherwise suffer a personal injury.

Changes to the alignment of the spinal column directly impact every one of your nerves and their ability to communicate with your brain. For example, if you fall on your hip, this can lead to a misalignment of the lower spinal column. You may feel shooting pain in your hip and down one or both legs. This is because the nerve in the area has suffered damage.

Additionally, such instances cause the development of inflammation. This causes the muscles and ligaments in the area to be sore and ache. This may reduce over time, but for some people, it does not go away.

How Your Grand Rapids Chiropractic Office Can Help with Personal Injury

Come in to see our chiropractic team for an evaluation. We’ll talk to you about what happened and provide diagnostic screenings such as x-rays. Our team will then focus on treating the underlying cause of your personal injury. This may include treatment such as:

  • Chiropractic adjustments and manipulation that help to realign the spinal column to reduce pressure on those nerve roots.
  • Massage therapy to help reduce the inflammation present.
  • Rehabilitation and physical therapy to help you to walk and move properly to avoid further injury.

We’ll create a customized treatment plan to address your individual needs. We can help patients recently hurt or those suffering from chronic pain that’s developed over time.

Schedule a Consultation with Your Wyoming Chiropractor for Personal Injury

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