Whiplash TreatmentAlthough people may be familiar with the term whiplash, it may be unclear about how it actually happens and what it is. Essentially, whiplash is caused by the sudden jolting of the head in a rapid forward and backward motion. It is similar to the movement of a whip being lashed back and forth, hence the name. When this quick jerking motion occurs, the neck muscles experience extreme strain and, consequently, there could be damage and pain to the surrounding muscles, tendons tissues. Most cases of whiplash happen as the result of auto accidents where a car is hit in the rear by another vehicle crashing into it.

Symptoms Associated with Whiplash

Although the jerking motion of the neck that occurs with whiplash can be uncomfortable, the associated pain is not always felt immediately after the impact. This is why it is imperative to get examined and x-rayed as quickly as possible after the accident. A chiropractor can detect injuries to the musculoskeletal structure before they are physically felt. Early detection can help your injuries get treated much more effectively and, in the long run, save you time, pain and money. Symptoms that indicate you may be suffering from post-accident whiplash include neck pain, headaches, migraines and soreness around the upper back or shoulders.

Benefits of Chiropractic Care

One of the most beneficial aspects of chiropractic care is that it is a holistic form of pain management. The goal is to alleviate pain and suffering in an all-natural, drug-free, non-surgical way. Chiropractic is hands-on care that works to heal organically — meaning that the focus is not just on relieving pain but also on addressing any physical, mental and emotional contributing factors that may put patients at risk for reoccurrence of the pain or injury. Chiropractic care seeks to treat the “whole” person, to create healing from the inside out and to help patients become more aware of natural, non-medicinal ways to improve and maintain their health.

Our Grand Rapids Practice

Chiropractic First in Wyoming, Michigan is led by Dr. James Heath, a caring and highly skilled chiropractic physician who is committed to educating his patients on the optimal ways to stay healthy, naturally. Most people are used to the idea of taking painkillers whenever they experience minor aches or pains. At Chiropractic First, we want to offer our patients some healthier alternatives to simply putting a band-aid on ailments. Using a combination of chiropractic adjustments, nutritional advice, physical therapy and therapeutic massage, we try to help our patients recognize the strength, power, and vitality that can result from a more holistically-centered approach to health and self-care.

New Patients Are Always Welcome

We have great respect for our patients’ time and the fact that they lead busy lives. For your convenience, we have a New Patient Center located on our website where you can fill out patient forms, review payment options and read helpful resource articles that answer health-related questions you may have. You can also request an appointment right from the website.

If you have questions about whiplash or other health issues that you think may be helped by chiropractic treatment, feel free to give us a call or book an introductory consultation online. We look forward to helping you alleviate your pain and get healthier than you’ve ever been, naturally!