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Our Chiropractor Treats Neck Pain in Wyoming, MI

At Chiropractic First in Wyoming, MI, our chiropractor improves the health of your spine and nervous system through chiropractic adjustments. This helps reduce neck pain and prevent it from coming back. 

woman with neck pain

What Causes Neck Pain? 

There are many reasons you might have neck pain. If you have poor posture at home or work, or spend too much time looking down at your smartphone, you can strain the muscles in your neck. Other patients have a sports injury, personal accident, or suffer an auto accident that creates a misalignment of the upper spine. Chronic ailments including fibromyalgia and arthritis can also cause symptoms of neck pain. 

If you are overweight, have weak core muscles, or have poor posture, your spine can fall out of alignment. This leads to neck pain. 

Tense neck muscles can leave you with frequent headaches or migraines, shoulder pain, stiff neck muscles, and decreased mobility in your neck. Neck pain can affect your ability to work, play, enjoy good health, and live your life to the fullest. The good thing is, you don't have to live with neck pain. 

How Our Chiropractic Treatments Relieve Neck Pain 

Our Wyoming, MI chiropractor takes the whole person approach to treating conditions like neck pain. When you visit us, we will take a health history, perform a thorough examination, and attempt to determine the root of your neck pain. 

We know that many neck problems are caused by spinal misalignments and overly tight muscles. When we can reduce muscle tension and restore spinal alignment, we naturally create the conditions for relief of neck pain. We feel that it's better to find and fix the cause of your neck pain than give you medication to temporarily cover up the pain you feel. 

Adjustments to the neck increase your mobility and range of motion. They also reduce the pressure and tension in neck muscles. You'll feel less stiff and sore after every adjustment, with pain and inflammation decrease concurrently. 

Chiropractic adjustments tune up your nervous system, which allows your brain and body to communicate via the channel of the spine. When your spine is blocked or misaligned, your nervous system cannot effectively communicate. As a result, your body's self-healing system cannot operative effectively. 

Our chiropractor can also promote good health through nutrition advice and demonstration of special blueprint exercises. When you feed your body nutrient-rich foods, take the right supplements, and improve your biomechanics, you can keep neck pain at bay. With our thorough wellness approach, we can not only treat your neck pain but educate you on why the pain developed and how you can stay healthy. 

Suffering from Neck Pain? Our Chiropractor Serves the Kentwood, Grand Rapids, and Wyoming Communities.

If you are a new patient at our wellness clinic, you can receive your first appointment for only $37. This includes a consultation, exam, and set of x-rays. We are accepting new patients from Kentwood and Grand Rapids, Wyoming. Complete the form on our website or call us today at 616-538-1780 to begin your recovery from neck pain. 

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New patients receive first visit for $37

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